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All-Purpose Upholstery Services

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Kingston’s Upholstery & Awning Design Expert


When it comes to upholstery and awning design, you’re best bet in the Kingston area is Flysvos Canada Inc (FCI). From furniture restoration of all types to upholstery sales and services, FCI is known for their meticulous and high quality work. We’re also equipped and skilled to take on general contracting work, including commercial, residential and industrial projects.

high end upholstery

Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff

As upholstery, awning design and general construction experts, FCI is dedicated to providing our clients with professional services that add value, including furniture:

Refurbishing (Antiques)
Restyling and Rebuilding (Upholstery)
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Whether you’re looking to restore your restaurant’s furniture or your home’s living room set, or even to restore the seat on your motorcycle or those in your boat, you can expect to deal with upholstery and awning design specialists that know their stuff when you call FCI.

Restoration & Restyling

Bring back to life your favourite furniture, chairs and seats.

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